Acerca de nosotros

We are the team of professionals who have worked on several large IT projects for many years, so we became high skilled and open minded in many areas. We worked hard to start our own project naming ReadkonG©. ReadkonG© was created to fasten the process of finding and collecting the analytical and educational information as well as the reviews of the new ideas, products and discoveries.

ReadkonG© allows to be aware of trends in creating the useful content-based pages for users all over the world. We also want to offer tools for building such pages, helping to make the right content and design to present users ideas bright, smart and constructive. No annoying and complicated settings, no sophisticated interface, no inducement of the users to unnecessary actions. The ReadkonG© services allow users to watch the created pages at any gadget without installing any plugins, embed the results into their web-site or share with friends.

Once we started to create a project nothing can stop us making new useful services for people. We really care about the busy people and we want to make their working process easier and faster. We believe that ReadkonG© will become useful service for millions of start-up makers and office workers, for students and educators, for businessmen and creative people.

We respect users who create fundamental and comprehensive content. Big ideas require lot of thoughts and analysis of a large amount of different information, and it is impossible to fit it into one or two pages. Such content requires careful and thoughtful approach.

We want users to freely express their ideas and not be afraid of persecution or ridicule. However, we do not support those who create content that does not correspond to adequate human behavior.

We do not aim to be a social network, that is why we deliberately do not support such options as comments, inviting friends and so on. We want users to be focused on the ideas, not on each other. We do not even allow to upload photo as an avatar, as we believe that ideas and content should be perceived and evaluated regardless of the appearance of the author. Instead, we give our users a plenty amount of avatar icons for their convenience.

With love and respect to all authors, the ReadkonG© team.